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If Roads Were Like Bike Lanes

For those brief moments that you happen to be in a bike lane, biking in the city is wonderful. But it always seems that bike lanes end before they even begin, just like a summer romance or a slice of pizza. At least that’s what it’s like in Toronto.
if roads were like bike lanes

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  1. Critical Comments says:

    This is really poorly worded and illustrated.

  2. Scott Wagner says:

    Sadly, this is so true in too many cities. Critical Comments has probably never bike commuted, or the point would be immediately obvious.
    I’m always very pleasantly surprised when I ride in Montreal or Minneapolis or Vancouver and the bike lanes continue through the busy intersections where they are needed most – and automobile operators actually respect them!

    • steve says:

      I come to Montreal about once a month and I love the consistent bike lanes and overall pervasiveness of them.
      Separating cars and bikes makes things a lot easier for both cyclists and drivers. Just ignoring the increase in bike traffic is foolish.

  3. Brett hooker says:

    You absolutely nailed it!!!!

  4. This is really an illustration that is better titled as “If roads WITHOUT INTERSECTIONS were like bike lanes.”

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